Integrated Directional Signing Program

IDSP Summary / Inventory

The Integrated Directional Sign Program (IDSP) is an umbrella program comprised of four unique sign types designed to guide motorists to various essential services, businesses, attractions, tourist destinations and other points of interest. The IDSP provides interested establishments a single point of contact to apply for signs along state-maintained highways.

A One-Stop Signing Program

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has developed the IDSP to serve as an umbrella for four specific programs that include these signs:

Travel Services (Logo) Signs

sign example  sign example

Logo signs provide directional guidance on interstates to gas, food, lodging, camping and attractions establishments. 

Logo program participants can have VDOT’s contractor, Virginia Logos, fabricate their Logo plate, or the customer can provide their own logo plate (to be attached to the blue background panel). 

Participants pay an annual fee per sign for each mainline (which includes ramp signage) and trailblazer signage, depending on the traffic volume at the interchange. Virginia Logos is responsible for all costs associated with the construction and maintenance of Logo signage.

Tourist-Oriented Directional Signs

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Tourist-oriented directional signs (TODS) provide travelers with directional guidance to business, service and activity facilities available along primary and secondary roadways (not interstates). 

TODS participants pay an application fee, as well as an annual fee for each sign panel. Virginia Logos is responsible for all costs associated with the construction and maintenance of the TODS structures.  

Supplemental Guide Signs

sign example sign example sign example

Supplemental guide signs (SGS) direct motorists to specific cultural, recreational, historical, governmental, educational, military and other sites of similar interest on limited access, primary, or secondary roadways. 

Customers pay an annual fee to assist in the administration of the IDSP and are also responsible for all costs associated with the fabrication, installation and maintenance of their signage. 

SGS may have a green, brown, or blue background as follows:

  • Tourist information centers, police, and Department of Motor Vehicles are on blue background signs
  • Destinations that are recreational, historical, or cultural in nature are placed on brown background signs
  • Schools, other government facilities, colleges and universities are placed on green background signs.

General Motorist Service Signs

sign example sign example

General motorist services signs (GMSS) use standard symbols to advise motorists of participating facilities located nearby. 

The facility requesting the GMSS pays for installation of the sign, however VDOT funds maintenance of the signs in the GMSS program with IDSP funds.

Program Development

The Virginia Statewide Directional Signing Advisory Committee helped VDOT develop this “one-stop” program. The committee members represent the many businesses and organizations interested in the directional signs.

Did You Know?

  • Virginia Logos administers VDOT’s contract for all IDSP signs.
  • More than 1,600 Logo sign structures are on Virginia’s highways, displaying more than 5,000 panels.
  • IDSP also administers special programs, including such signs as the Civil War Trail, Virginia Waterways and State Scenic Rivers. More details can be found in the participation criteria.

Learn More

Go through these pages to learn more about each program. Even more detail can be found in the revised fees and participation criteria that were approved by the Commonwealth Transportation Board on June 16, 2005.

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